24 Hour Child Care Services & Preschool

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Evaluating Providers/Programs


The following questions are good ways to measure the quality of child care services in a home environment prior to enrollment. 

 Are surprise visits by parents welcomed at any time child is present?

Do the teachers get down on each child's level to speak to the child?
Are children treated with respect & greeted when they arrive?
Are children's needs quickly met even when things get busy?
Are the teachers trained & current in CPR, & first aid?
Are the teachers involved in continuing education programs?
 Is the program licensed or regulated?
Will the teachers always be ready to answer your questions?
Will the teachers tell you how/what your child is doing?
Are parents' ideas welcomed, & can parents volunteer if they desire?
Do the teachers and children enjoy their environment together?
Is there enough staff to serve the children’s needs?
What is the level of the teacher’s training in early childhood education?
Does the teacher keep up with changing early childhood trends?

 Is the atmosphere bright, pleasant & well maintained?
Is there a fenced outdoor play area with a variety of safe equipment?

Is there a daily balance of play time, story time, activity time and nap time?
Are there enough toys and learning materials for the number of children enrolled?
Are toys clean, safe and within reach of the children?

 Do you agree with the discipline practices of the facility?
Are the teacher willing to work with parents to meet child's needs?
 Will your child be happy & given an opportunity to learn & play?
Does the facility provide flexible hours, free meals, structure, & learning oportunities?

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